Tournament Rules & Regulations

Future Pro Air Attack 7 on 7 Tournament

Welcome to the Future Pro Air Attack 7on7 Football Tournament.  This is open to high school age All-Star teams.


Tournament Format

Every team that participates in this tournament will play a minimum of 3 games. All teams will compete in Pool play to start and will then be seeded into a single elimination tournament based on your win loss record.

Competition Level?

This is a competitive tournament that will feature Division 1 athletes and other college prospects from across the West.

Team Registration

Coaches, Managers or Team Leaders register your team for the 7on7 Tournament. Prep schools, High schools, and All-Star teams are all welcome to participate. You must have a minimum of 10 players on your roster. There is no limit to how many players you have. Once your team is registered we will notify you and a tournament schedule will be provided prior to the event.


The cost for each team to participate in the tournament is $300

What To Bring?

Please bring cleats and gym shorts. 7on7 shirts


This is a two day tournament. Game schedules and rosters will be posted Friday. All athletes, coaches and teams check in starting Friday. The tournament will begin play Saturday. Subject to change based on number of entries.

Future Pro Sports, FCA 7 on 7 Football Rules


40 yards in length – 40, 25 & 10 are the first down lines 10 yards deep in End Zone


Players: Each team has a maximum of 24 players.

Coaches: Coaches will be allowed on the sidelines only during games. One Offensive
coach may be in the huddle with players between plays but when the huddle breaks the
coach must move outside the hash on the side of his team bench so as to not interfere with
the operation of the official or game play.


Six (6) points for a touchdown
One (1) point for a PAT from 5-yard line
Two (2) points for a PAT from 10-yard line
2 Points for Defensive Stop on downs
3 Points for interception (no runbacks for safety reasons)
Turnover on a PAT is dead ball. Official scores will be kept by field referee and sideline


Twenty-five (25) minute running clock. (1 timeout per team – (30 seconds) during
tournament play only).

Overtime: Only during tournament bracket play - if overtime is required teams will
alternate three (3) plays from the ten- yard line. Each team has an attempt to score in each
overtime period. Starting with the 3rd and subsequent overtimes, all PAT’s must be 2-point
attempts from the 10-yard line. Overtime periods are not timed.


Each game will have a Referee/Field Judge and Back Judge Each field will be equipped
with a scoring/timekeeping table with at least one staff member managing Additional
Game Format Rules

Teams must be onsite and ready to start on time. If a team is late or cannot start on time,
the game clock will begin and whatever time is left on the clock will be where the game
starts. The team that is late will begin on defense. If a team is late by 10 minutes or more
they will forfeit the game. Pool Play - Coin toss to determine choice – No halves; Bracket
Play - Higher seed gets choice

All teams are required to wear uniforms representing their school/colors. Players are
permitted to wear standard football cleats with plastic or rubber spikes. No metal spikes are

No kicking or punting. Field is marked similar to a normal high school football field. No
penalty would be assessed in excess of the 40-yard line. If a penalty would move the
offense beyond the 40-yard line, the offensive team shall be charged with a loss of down.

No passer may run with the ball. All passes must be thrown forward. The only laterals that
will be allowed will be laterals that occur after the completion of a forward pass. One run
play per possession is allowed.


No blocking. No advancing interceptions. Receiver/Ball carrier is legally down when
touched below the neck with one or both hands. (Excessive force by shoving, pushing, or
striking a blow will be penalized by automatic first down and 5 yards. Player will be
expelled if ruled unsportsmanlike & flagrant). Fumbles that hit the ground are dead balls at
the spot with the last team retaining possession. A muffed snap is not a fumble/dead ball.

The 3.5 second count remains in effect on snaps.

Each team will have 25 seconds to snap the ball once it has been marked ready for play;
delay of game penalty will be a loss of down. The QB is allowed 3.5 seconds to throw the
ball. The Official timekeeper starts a stopwatch on the snap of the ball and stops the watch
as soon as the QB releases the ball.

If release is under 3.5 seconds, the play goes on. If the timekeeper sees that the clock has
exceeded 3.5 seconds, he waits until the play is over (the play is not blown dead), then
brings the ball back to the original line of scrimmage with loss of down. Defensive Pass
Interference will be a spot foul (1st down at the spot). Responsibility to avoid contact is
with the defense, so coaches please make note of this.

(there will be NO chucking). Offensive pass interference is a 5 yard penalty and Loss of
Down Interceptions may not be returned – 3 points awarded on interception. Points for
defensive stop and interception are not “added together”. One or the other ends a
possession with defensive points. Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning
the ball to the previous spot or the new scrimmage spot. Clock does not stop and any delay
by offense in retrieving and returning the ball TO THE REFEREE will result in a delay of
game and will be a 5-yard penalty from the succeeding spot. The offensive center is not an
eligible receiver (teams must have a center). The center will be responsible for setting or
re-positioning the Referee's bean bag at the line of scrimmage. No taunting or "trash
talking." (5-yard penalty & expulsion if flagrant or repeated).

The offense must gain at least 15 yards in the first 3 or less plays from the 40, and then
subsequently reach the next first down line or score in three plays or less, or the defense
takes over. (There is no kicking). No 4th downs. 3 downs in all zones

Fighting: the player(s) involved will be ejected from the game and tournament. If a team
fight occurs, the teams involved will be ejected from the tournament.

Any dead ball penalty on the defense AFTER a change of possession would result in a loss
of down for that team’s offense when they begin their ensuing possession.


If two teams are tied at the end of pool play, the first tiebreaker shall be head-to-head

If three or more teams are tied at the end of pool play, the following criteria will be used to
determine winners
1.  Head-to-head records
2.  Points allowed
3.  Points scored
4.  Coin flip


If there is inclement weather on the day of the tournament, Future Pro Sports will evaluate the conditions to determine if the Tournament will be held as scheduled. Future Pro Sports will reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the tournament if the inclement weather makes it unsafe or unplayable for players and spectators. In general, a tournament will be played if there is light to moderate rain, with no thunder or lightning. If there is inclement weather on the day of the tournament, check back for updates. If a tournament is cancelled or rescheduled, Future Pro Sports  will apply all fees paid by a team towards entry into a future Future Pro Sports event.